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Regius Σ

REGIUS Σ delivers a compact and affordable imaging solution that maintains the superior image quality and reliability expected from our REGIUS family of products.Combined with the redesigned ImagePilot software,the REGIUS Σ provides simple operation and smooth workflow to a wide range of medical practitioners.

  1. Lowest Weight CR (approx. 28kg)
  2. Power consumption is less than one tenth of prior models.
  3. Smallest carbon footprint – CO2 emissions reduced by more than 64% (Calulated at lifecycle, compated to our conventional CR)
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Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

The REGIUS Σ is Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest CR. The desktop CR has a footprint of only 0.31m2 and weighs a mere 28kg.


Environmentally Friendly

The REGIUS Σ was designed with the environment in mind. Energy consumption has been reduced to 100VA - about the same as a househ old light bulb. That's one tenth the power of the smallest film processor.



High Resolution

The REGIUS Σ supports pixel sizes of 87.5μm and 175μm for all cassette sizes, achieving a maximum resolution of 4020x4892 pixels (14x17 at 87.5μm).


Integral Processing

Integral Processing - the result of Konica Minolta's vast imaging experience - is a robust algorithm that produces the optimum diagnostic image automatically. This patented technique greatly simplifies x-ray image acquisition while delivering incredibly consistent image quality and virtually eliminating retakes.




The ImagePilot software combines CR image acquisition and PACS functionality. It is a complete workflow solution for clinics, imaging centers, and small hospitals. From one GUI, users can acquire, review, distribute,and archive patient images.


 Easy Control

ImagePilot supports a multi-touch display for the easiest operation. The more than 100 functions and features are literally at the tips of your fingers.

REGIUS SIGMA Specifications

Cassette size 14"×17" / 14"×14" / 11"×14" / 10"×12" / 8"×10" / 18×24cm / 24×30cm / 15×30cm
Sampling Pitch 2Types : 87.5μm / 175μm
Maximum Resolution 4,020×4,892 (14"×17" , 87.5μm )
Digital Gradation Level 4096 levels (12bit)
Processing Capability Up to 45 plates / hour (14"×17" / 175μm)
Slots Insertion / ejection slot × 1
Outer Dimensions/Weight W510×D610×H355mm / Approximately 28kg
Power Consumption 100VA max during operation: 20VA when not in use.
Operating Conditions Temperature : 10-30℃
Humidity: 15-80%RH (No Condensation)
Readable Cassette REGIUS CASSETTE RC-300
14"×17", 14"×14", 11"×14", 10"×12", 8"×10", 24×30cm, 18×24cm, 15×30cm
Readable Plate REGIUS PLATE FP-1S
14"×17", 14"×14", 11"×14", 10"×12", 8"×10", 24x30cm, 18×24cm, 15×30cm