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43.75 μm read capacity for mammography

In addition to previous 175 and 87.5μm read capacity, a new 43.75μm read function for mammography has been added.In mammography, highly valuable images are now available with higher resolution.Furthermore, ultra-high resolution imaging has been achieved by employing C-PLATE formammographywithexcellensharpness and granularity. Mammography cassette can be handled in the same manner as for previous standard cassette, providing thesame operability.


 Compact Design with the Smallest Depth of 365mm

The Regius Model 110 HQ features an astonishingly compact design 

with a footprint of only 0.27m2. The two-way setting method allows selection of two patterns of layout depending on the use environmentally friendly.

These proposals prove that we truly understand customer use environments.The Regius Model 110 HQ delivers processing performance of 80 sheets/hour.This is the smallest, top-of-the-lineRegius model with both compact design .Flexible Placement Options Operation panel location is adjustable at the user facility.

Entirely Simple, Comfortable Operability

The Regius Model 110 HQ allows for easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette. 

The height of the cassette slot is 710 mm. Easy cassette installation is achieved. Continue
to use existing cassettes for the Regius 170 / 190 as exposure cassettes.
Only cassette & plate which was produced after April, 2004 can be used

  Exposure size  14”×17”/14”×14”/11”×14”/10”×12”/8”×10”/
18×24cm/24×30cm/15×30cm and other sizes
 Sampling Pitch 87.5μm / 175μm / 43.75μm
  Maximum Resolution   6776×5440 (24×30cm / 43.75μm)
4020×4892 (14"×17" / 87.5μm)
  Digital Gradation Level  4096 levels (12bit)
  Processing Capability approx. 80 plates / hour ( 14" ×14" / 175μm)
  Outer Dimensions/Weight  AC100/110/115/120/200/220/230/240V ±10%
50/60Hz approx. 0.8kVA
  Operating Conditions   Temperature:15-30℃
Humidity:35-80%RH (no condensation)