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The first printing time is about 50 seconds. With the world's fastest dash speed, this imager can print 10 sheets of 14"×17" -size film within 4 minutes. The sufficient recording capacity exerts its power for usual modalities as well. The excellent stability provides high-quality images.

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Fully compatible with five sizes and the world's smallest design*

The unit comes in less imposing compact body with 1150 mm in height and commands only 0.35m² for an installation areawhile providing five sizes of printing film raging from 14"×17" to 8"×10". Since it supports the main film sizes, it is possible to run a life-size printing operation. Also, it can support additional supply units of up to 3 trays. Film size can be selected depending on the purpose.


User-friendly quiet design

The excellent design means the unit emits less noise for a user-friendly working environment. The actual noise is turned to the lower tones with little high-frequency tones, making users feel the unit is quieter than the actual noise level. The overall noise, especially noise during the standby run, has been reduced. Even where the standby run is often used as an imager for the filmless era, it can provide a quiet working environment.

 Laser Source  Semiconductor laser
 Film Size  Selectable from 14"×17" / 14"×14" / 11"×14" / 10"×12" / 8"×10"
 Film to be    used  Dry Image recording films, SD-Q / SD-QC / SD-QM

 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, 25, 30, 35, 36, 42, 48, 54, 56,  60, 63, 64
 Image Memory  Compact flash memory (Standard 128MB)
 Main memory (256MB)
 Print memory (256MB)
  Input port   Maximum 16 ports
 Matrix (14 x 17)  REGIUS connection: 8079×9725 pixels (at 43.75μm)
 Connection other than REGIUS: 7730×9260 pixels (at 43.75μm)
 Matrix Size  78.6μm / 43.75μm
 Image data  input  8-bit, 12-bit
 Output  grades  16384 grades (14-bit)
 Image Mode  Pixel replication / function interpolation (with intensity conversion  process function)
 Processing  capability  180 sheets/hour (mixed sizes/at ordinary modality)
 Input interface  Ethernet 1000base-T
 DICOM  Support  DICOM Print Management Service Class, Presentation LUT Service  Class …. (For details, refer to DICOM conformance statement)
 Supply  Two channels standard, maximum of three channels (option)
 Standby function  Transfers to energy-saving mode after pre-set time for none- printing Boot time from the energy-saving mode is less than three minutes.
 Border processing  Black / white
 Image  trimming frame  Possible
 Density correction function  Built in the body
 Negative / Positive  Available
 Noise level  Less than 53 db when printing / less than 46 db in standby
 Footprint  0.35m²
 Operation conditions  
 Power  UL : AC 120V±10%; 60Hz±1Hz 10A
 CE : AC 220 - 240V±10%; 50/60Hz±1Hz 6A
 Dimensions  H1150×W599×D585mm
 Weight : approx. 152kg (335lb)