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Classical Guitar Strings

2001 Light Tension strings are designed and recommended for older and more delicate instruments. These minimum tension str...

Classical Light TensionClassical Medium TensionClassical Medium Hard Tension
Electric Sting Bass Guitar

La Bella M42 Hard Rockin Steel 4 String Bass Guitar Strings are the perfect rock guitar strings! These Bass Guitar Strings...

Stainless Steel Round WoundNickel Plated Round Wound
Sitar String

Made of Plain Steel/Plain Goldine, 7 fingered and 11 sympathetic strings...

ST30 String
Acoustic Steel String

Strings made of phosphor bronze are extremely popular with today’s acoustic guitarists. These Phosphor Bronze Wound ...

Phosphor Bronze Wound Silver - Planted Wound
Electric Guitars Sting

Today, as in the electric guitar explosion of the 1960s, La Bella Continues to supply strings to many of the great pop, ro...

Electrics Nickel - Plated Round Wound HRS Series Rock