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Acoustic Drum 20" » TPF520, TDR522, JOEYDRUM, EDP420


Designed for the jazz player, this small, punchy kit is also great for smaller players! With a shallow snare for extra attack and 20” kick drum for a punchier sound, the TPF520 also includes a straight cymbal stand, hihat stand, snare drum stand, bass drum pedal, double braced stool, cymbals and drum accessories pack.

20” x 14” bass drum, 8 lug
14” x 3½” snare drum, 8 lug
10” x 9” tom, 5 lug
12” x 10” tom, 5 lug
14” x 14” tom, 6 lug
Colours: SV, MB, WR, BK

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