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Housed in a large and sophisticated property in the heart of Chennai, Studio K is a one-of-its-kind, one-stop portraiture studio for all your portrait photography needs. The signature studio has been designed with two objectives. One, facilitate the creation of the best portrait photos. Two, make the experience thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. Portrait Photography services are offered for Wedding and Alliance Portraits, Family, Baby (Infants), Business, Model and Dance Portraits.

Portrait photography at Studio K is by appointment only and involves a completely relaxed photo session. On arrival at the studio, you will find our friendly team of experts at your service. First, it's the versatile hair stylist and the professional makeup artist who together, can give you the right look for the portrait. Then, our expert photographer takes over.

You are now in the hands of a highly acclaimed professional with over thirty years of experience in portrait photography who, along with his team of experienced technicians will capture you in the best light – ably aided, of course, by the best possible equipment there is. You can then relax and view your photographs on the 55" plasma TV in our unique viewing lounge and choose your favourite portraits.

Showroom Address

Studio K
"Sterling Silver"
24 and 25 Sivaganga Road
Off Sterling Road
Chennai 600 034
Phone: 4290 9880 / 4290 9800
Email: [email protected]